Explore The World With Me

Dolores has dedicated her life to travel, food and health. When she is not treating patients, she is searching for that new adventure.

My Adventure

It astounds me how energized I feel after being in the mountains or by the ocean. Even after doing an arduous race, I feel stronger than before. The respect they demand, the power they emit is immense. Therefore, I travel north, south east and west, from the highest mountains to the coastal beaches of all continents. It’s all part of my adventure I call Life.

Villa bluu

Villa Bluu, perched on a coral rock overlooking the Indian Ocean, is the perfect destination for privacy, romance, peace, and quiet.  If it’s a special occasion, birthday, honeymoon, or anniversary, or you are simply treating yourself to a much-deserved holiday where you want to relax, kick back, and be served great drinks and tantalizing food. Villa Bluu has you covered.


Dolores Baretta is an Acupuncturist and Gut-Brain Specialist who overcame her own issues with digestion and focus by combining Chinese medicine and western nutrition, and now utilizes the same eastern and western philosophies in her Body Brain Balance Programs for a comprehensive approach to healing brain, gut and body. 

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