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The Fertile Secret

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Improve your Fertility


Problems posed for women trying to get pregnant today are very different to those decades ago. While we have all this technology, the ability for couples to actually get pregnant, due to environmental, health or age issues, is becoming ever more complicated. As couples today are often opting to start in the baby making business much later than some decades ago, these issues have become very current challenges and at an individual level I recommend to my patients to help fertility by treating themselves to some very important nutrients.


Some examples of these nutrients would be:


Vitamin D regulates the female cycle and in men it is essential for the development of the nucleus of the sperm cell

Vitamin E works as an antioxidant by protecting the cell membrane from oxidative damage

Vitamin C improves hormone levels and sperm health

Lipoic Acid as it protects the reproductive organs

Vitamin B6 as it treats luteal phase defect


You should be getting adequate amounts of these nutrients to ensure equilibrium and flourishing fertility.


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