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Testimonial Laura

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Hi my name is Laura and I would like to tell you why I came to Dolores. It all started when I had a bladder infection, a time ago, and it didn’t get better, after going to many doctors, western medicine, I didn’t get a real solution for that, they didn’t really go to the root, to the problem you have, so after seeing my daughter, who was already a patient of Dolores, and seeing her improvements, I also decided to go to her and try this acupuncture and Chinese medicine instead. After a couple of weeks already I felt much much better. My problems were slowly disappearing, and she also gave me these products like core, probiotics and such to support the treatment with the acupuncture. I really felt better. I also have to say the good thing about that the results are really long lasting and you really feel well for a long time so until today I did not have any problem at all. So I can really recommend going to Dolores, taking this treatment and I’m sure you will be happy with her.

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