Dolores Baretta | How to Reduce Stress
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How to Reduce Stress

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Did you know that 3 hours of high stress levels can half the number of beneficial gut flora?  Long-term stress with high cortisol levels causes thinner mucous membranes and increases the risk of developing Leaky Gut Syndrome. Being in a stressed state causes the body to release adrenalin and cortisol, which makes you less patient and less able to connect, while increasing your risk for sleep disorders, weight gain, hormonal imbalances and anxiety.


The best way to reduce stress levels is to take time out for yourself. Moderate exercise will make you feel physically better, more in touch with your body, and will help you to sleep better.


Rid your body of these hormones by exercising for at least 20 minutes a day, by walking, running or biking, or by whatever physical activity you enjoy doing.


Meditation and deep breathing helps the body kick into relaxation mode. Treatment therapies such as acupuncture are helpful as it helps to release endorphins and natural painkillers.

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