Four Ways To Stay In Tune With Your Fertility

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When women come to me for fertility treatment I always see and feel their frustration. It may have been six months or years since they have been trying to conceive. The toll of failing to conceive each month shows. While they may come with specific illnesses, a lot come with ‘unexplained’ infertility. With the diagnostic tools of Chinese medicine, I am able to create a treatment plan specific for the individual. These treatment plans are not set in stone and will adapt according to how the patient reacts. 

There are many reasons why a woman can be having difficulty conceiving and while they may be ‘unexplained’ in western medicine this is certainly not the case in Chinese Medicine. It would take a book to write about all the possible reasons but instead I want to talk a little about what you and your partner can do to help your fertility and ways you can better track your cycle. 

Stay In Tune Together

I have seen many couple’s relationship suffer because of infertility. Whether it be the woman or the man, both can become obsessed with the process and lose sight of what is really important. At the end your relationship should take priority. Yes, you want a family, but if you split there will be no family unit to enjoy. Take time together and enjoy your common interests. Whether that be sport, or travel, or nice dinners. Even enjoy a glass of wine if you desire, as abstaining from everything can cause more stress, which is also counterproductive to fertility. 

Staying In Tune With Your Cycle

I recommend to my patients to use the Ava Band. It is a fantastic way to track your fertility window. It uses 5 different parameters to detect a five-day fertile window. These parameters include body temperature, which rises after ovulation, heart rate, which is higher in the follicular stage, resting pulse which increases during ovulation, breathing rate which is lower at the start of the fertile window, and finally perfusion (blood circulation), which is lowest at the start of this fertile window. All of these measurements are done throughout your sleep. You only need to wear the Ava band overnight, then in the morning this data will upload to your app. This not only helps you to know your fertile window but further helps me to tailor my treatment around your individual cycle as ovulation changes every month and with each individual. 

Staying In Tune With Your Body Requirements

You need to nourish your body and your fertility also requires it. Both you and your partner need to sustain your body with healthy foods. I recommend a diet high in vegetables and fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds and small amounts of meat and fish. Your diet however should also be tailored to you. Some women who are often low in iron should ensure they consume some animal protein. I also always recommend taking supplements. I know if you are eating the above kind of diet you should be getting enough nutrients, but we also know today that the food we eat, even organic food, does not have the same amount of nutrients it had many decades ago. Having sufficient nutrients is essential to fertility. 

Staying Mentally In Tune  

Don’t forget about your mental health. Feeling frustrated or even angry is detrimental both mentally and physically. I know it’s easy to say but it is so important to tackle stress head on. They say stress is a killer. Well stress is also a fertility killer both for men and women. Go for walks, do yoga, Tai Qi or whatever exercise will help you to use the adrenalin you have built up from mental stress. Exercise not only helps your stress levels but will also help you sleep which inadvertently helps reduce stress and gives mental stability.  

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