Cleanse The Kidneys to Maintain Your Vitality

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In the five element system of Chinese medicine the Kidneys* are associated with water and the taste associated with the Kidneys is salty. The salty taste helps to soften hardness’s like nodules and to soften the stool. The water element is an agent for growth and is the source of Essence; our youth and fertility.

We don’t often think of cleansing the kidneys but as you can see they too are important organs in the body.  Because the kidneys are self-cleansing organs, this must be supported by consuming adequate fluids, in particular water. You can also include foods such as fruits and vegetables that are natural diuretics like grapes, watermelon, and asparagus.

While they are self-cleaning, it is nevertheless good to regularly do a kidney detox. In addition to removing toxins, proper kidney cleansing can improve not only the functioning of the kidneys but also the urinary tract and bladder.

Symptoms of improper kidney functioning include fatigue, pain in the kidneys after eating, extreme mood swings, skin rashes, eczema, bloating, acne, weight gain issues, kidney stones, frequent urination and urinary tract infections (UTIs). Fear and shock, being the emotions of the Kidneys in Chinese Medicine, can also disrupt kidney function. Furthermore, the Kidneys are involved in fertility and maintaining ones youth, which reiterates the benefits of detoxing. 

5 Household Herbs that Help to Cleanse the Kidneys


Parsley is well known for its kidney cleansing ability. It is a natural and potent diuretic herb whereby the increased urine output helps to flush out germs and bacteria from the kidneys. Parsley, together with lemon juice, has also been known to be beneficial for infections and in dissolving kidney stones.


Celery too has natural diuretic properties. Like parsley it increases urination therefore aiding in the removal of toxins from the body. Celery also helps to lower blood pressure, inflammation and cholesterol as well as reducing uric acid and helping to fight urinary tract infections. 


Amongst its many uses chicory is considered to be one of the best herbs for kidney issues. Chicory root is used as a diuretic, it works against any kind of kidney failure problems that are related to the respiratory system and also contains anti-inflammatory properties.


Ginger is another potent herb for cleansing the kidneys. The antioxidants ginger contains helps to neutralize free radicals as well as lower blood sugar. High glucose levels can damage the kidneys so in lowering blood sugar it inadvertently protects the kidneys. Ginger can help the flushing out of toxins, while simultaneously improving digestion. This herb is wonderful for cleansing the kidneys and the liver.


Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory properties. As inflammation plays an important role in kidney disease turmeric can prevent and treat kidney infections. Turmeric has strong cleansing properties, which purifies the kidneys and the blood. 

All of these herbs can be consumed on a regular basis. I recommend consuming them regularly rather than in one large dose. Excess water loss from diuretic herbs, can lead to dehydration, which is obviously counter-productive to a kidney cleanse. Adding a little sea salt in the morning can also be beneficial to help push toxins through the body while at the same time improving digestion. Try doing a one week per month cleanse. A daily morning juice of blended parsley, lemon, celery, ginger and/or turmeric and water would one way to complete a kidney cleanse week. 

The kidneys are essential to so many processes in the body. They, like the liver and digestive system, require cleansing to improve functioning. From a Chinese medicine standpoint the Kidneys are considered the ‘root of life’. Keep them clean to maintain your youth and vitality.

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