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Our internal environment is a little like mother nature. We have used and abused it for so long. It has suffered to the breaking point. To a point where it just doesn’t work like it used to. It soldiers on but does so feeling sluggish and exhausted. We rarely reward mother nature for all the work she has done for us. Instead we see rewarding as throwing a plastic party and shooting fireworks into the sky. Real rewarding, however, would be cleaning and stopping the toxic overload. Getting rid of the sludge and dredging out the channels and oceans. 

Our bodies work tirelessly to keep us alive. Our heart pumps blood, often thickened by fat, throughout out body. The viscosity of the blood is just one hurdle. If we are overweight the blood needs to travel further afield, through ever growing hazardous terrain. Our liver works to detox our body of all the toxins it ingests. Pesticides, hormones, environmental toxins, chemical drugs, alcohol and fat. The job is often too much and the liver’s functions start to wane. The stomach and intestine are constantly being dumped with more of these toxins that it must break down and absorb. This is the frontline of defence. The lungs breath in oxygen. But not just oxygen. Chemical fumes we unwittingly take in or knowingly by smoking cigarettes or cigars. The kidneys suffer too. The adrenals become exhausted from excessive levels of stress, while the kidneys themselves fight to filter the body of unwanted waste. 

Why do we treat ourselves with excessive food and alcohol, when in fact ‘treating oursleves’ would be doing the exact opposite? Ultimately, to clean up the system we need to rid our blood of fat, eliminate all the toxins, give the stomach a break and rebuild our intestinal microbiome, breathe clean air and drink plenty of clean water. Sounds easy right. Maybe it’s not, however, it is essential if we want to stop the increase in chronic mental and physical diseases, as well as the rise in infertility. 

It shouldn’t surprise you, when you hear that many overweight people are in fact deficient in many nutrients. Obesity doesn’t mean an abundance of food. On the contrary, many overweight people eat large amounts of bad quality, cheap foods to maintain this lifestyle. These foods are low in nutrients and high in sugar and fat. The first step to reversing this cycle is to change the foods we eat. Vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds will reinoculate the body, allow the intestine to absorb nutrients and give the liver the opportunity to break down and eliminate waste. Drink water or herbal teas to help the kidneys flush out toxins. Give up smoking and get exercise, preferably in great outdoors. Get rid of the high fat products you are eating. Only small amounts of meat or plant-based fats should be eaten. Too much fat will only thicken the blood and overload the liver. 

I don’t want to oversimplify, but I see so many people on these fad diets. Each diet is created to sound like a new revelation, when what they have done is taken an idea, or a piece of science and created an elaborate diet around it. Take a Keto diet. Sure, the science behind it makes sense. You might lose weight. But at what cost to the rest of the body? All the organs suffer under this very high fat diet. Take Paleo. Surely if we were eating like in Palaeolithic times, we would be eating roots and berries and going for days without food. This is not however what this diet suggests.  What I really want to say with this is keep it simple and think clean. Clean food and air and water. 

A simple daily regime could be some lemon and water in the morning to help stimulate the liver. A herbal tea and a smoothie of vegetables and fruits to nourish the body and help with detoxing for breakfast. Eat seeds and a few nuts, plenty of vegetables, brown rice and quinoa at lunch and/or dinner. Add every now and again a little meat or fish, but only once or twice a week. Like this you will clean up your body and perhaps also help mother nature a little. 

I cannot write a full programme here or describe in detail a good plan but for more information contact me through my website 

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