Dolores Baretta | Chinese Medicine & Nutrition
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Chinese Medicine & Nutrition

Chinese Medicine and Nutrition


Chinese nutrition is not about Chinese food but rather a way of looking at the individual and using food from an energetic perspective as medicine to heal.
When we look at food we see certain foods are warming, while others cooling, drying and/or lubricating. We therefore use energetically warm foods to cool, and lubricating foods to counteract dryness. Once you know your imbalances, appropriate foods can be chosen.
There are 4 facets to healthy living; these being diet, exercise, adequate rest and mental stability. We use the law of Yin and Yang to balance all these facets. In food we require balance in taste and energy, with exercise there must also be rest just as we need mental stimulation and calm.


This is the law of Yin and Yang. One cannot exist without the other. They co-exist, keeping your mind and body in balance.


East Meets West


I do believe that while Western (Integrative) medicine excels at acute and trauma care, it is failing in the treatment of many chronic health conditions. The beauty in accepting both methods however gives me the ability to cherry pick the best from both systems.
One of the most important parts of any treatment is to take the time to listen and to fully understand the patient’s problem, not treating symptomatically but finding the root cause. I take a natural approach to medicine and give recommendations on lifestyle and diet which allows the patient to take their healthcare also into their hands and does not come in the shape of a bottle.