Antioxidant Festive Season Feast

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400 g Venison Fillet

1 cup of Spinach (can be frozen)

Red meat/turkey

4 Potatoes

2 Tomatoes 

1 Onion

½ Eggplant 

2 Carrots

½ cup red wine

Optional: Soya Cream


1 cup of nuts roasted (1/4 Brazil nuts, ¾ Almonds)

1/4 cup sesame seeds roasted

¼ cup of pumpkin seeds

2-3 tab coriander seeds

2-3 of cumin seeds

1 tea pepper

1 tea salt

1 tea chilli flakes

Can keep rest in fridge for up to a month. Great on soups, vegetables, meats and dipped in olive oil and bread.

For the Dukkah

Roast for 5 mins the nuts and seeds in a moderate oven. Then in a blender, grind the rest of the ingredients. Take out nuts, let them cool then grind for a short time. You don’t want a paste.

For the meat and potatoes

Seal meat in fry pan on a high meat, 1 minute each side. Set fry pan aside. Cover with dukkah, place in oven, 85 degrees, for 1 hour. In the meantime steam the halved potatoes till cooked. Spoon out filling. Mash up potatoes with spinach and season, can add a little soy cream if you want it creamy. Refill the potatoes and place in oven. They can stay in the oven with the meat.

For the vegetables

Dice onion and cook in a little olive oil for 5 minutes, add the diced carrots, then after 2 minutes the eggplant and tomato. Season with salt and pepper.

In the fry pan where the meat was sealed add the wine, 1 teaspoon of coconut sugar (or sugar) and set it cook down to make a jus. Can add soya or leave it as is for the serving.


The meat should be still pink in the center, slice pieces, and lay the meat on a bed of vegetable and a half spinach filled potato to the side. Drizzle over the jus.

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