Dolores Baretta | About Dolores
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About Dolores


About Dolores

Dolores Baretta is a certified practitioner of Chinese medicine, Chinese herbal medicine and nutrition.  In 2007, she opened Body Mind and Soul Acupuncture clinic in Zug and since 2010 has also had a clinic in Zürich, Switzerland.


Having studied in prestigious medical institutions in China, Switzerland and the UK, Dolores combines eastern and western philosophies for a truly natural approach to healing the brain, gut and body.


Dolores specializes in personalized solutions for health and has developed the Body Brain Balance Program which focuses on nutrition, herbal medicine, fitness, healthy tailor-made recipes and supplementation to prevent deficiencies.


She has also worked with many men and women to help them build a family, working on any fertility issues or chronic illnesses they have through the use of acupuncture and herbal treatments as well as focusing on nutrition.


Dolores has authored many articles, writing for several websites including These articles combine the power of western and eastern medicine, seasonal eating and lifestyle tips to help people gain gut-brain balance.


Dolores is the official Chinese medical practitioner for the Zurich Insurance Group and speaks at various health and wellness events.


She lives with her life partner Martin in Walchwil, Switzerland. Together they enjoy running, hiking in the Swiss Alps, rock climbing and biking. They both enjoy cooking healthy, delicious, eye-catching creations in the kitchen.