5 Ways To Ensure Body-Brain Connection

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Maintaining a connection between my body and brain on a daily basis can be trying. I use these 5 methods as a general life style plan in order to ensure I am balanced and able to take on any challenge life throws at me. 

Clear You Mind

Cleaning and clearing your mind is a very important part of a daily routine. You can use simple exercises like sitting and pondering or meditating and being in the moment. Obsessing about work or private problems obstructs rational thinking. Instead look for a healthy approach to distancing yourself. The activity you choose will depend on your life choices and needs but you could try meditating, reading a great book, writing down your thoughts in a journal or painting. 

If you choose meditation then start by focusing your attention on your breath and on how your belly moves with each inhalation and exhalation. There are various meditation techniques which can be explored all of which have their own significance. There are also moving meditation techniques, such as tai chi and qigong. 

Eat Clean Foods

When I say ‘clean’ eating I mean foods that have not been degraded by processing or chemicals. I always recommend eating organic fruit and vegetables. Eating vegetables in at least 2 meals of the day is essential to avoid nutrient deficiencies. People who show signs of nutrient deficiencies will start to feel lethargic, to have strange food cravings, to have trouble breathing and spells of dizziness. If you are not getting enough you may need to take a good quality supplements to help support the nourishment of your body and brain.

Eat small amount of protein, whether that be in plant or meat form. Protein rich plant foods tend to be high in lectins and therefore difficult to digest. My favorite form of plant protein is natto, which is a type of fermented soybean which is easily digestible. I also often eat tempeh, which, like natto, is another probiotic-rich bean that is fermented and therefore the enzymes have already predigested a large portion of the nutrients. Other great sources of protein include pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, amaranth, quinoa, black beans, lentils and peas.

Drink clean liquids

Cleansing and supporting the body through liquids can be very effective. Simple water is very effective in increasing energy, relieving fatigue and promoting weight loss. Water furthermore flushes out toxins, improves skin complexion and assists in regulating the stool. Water’s long list of health benefits certainly makes it a gift from Mother Nature. 

Teas too have a pleather of benefits, like green tea, which helps to fight cancer, heart disease and diabetes, or dandelion tea which among many things helps to clear toxins from the liver as well as encouraging weight loss, lowering sugar levels and helping with digestion. Some teas can also benefit mental clarity and memory such as gingko, or lavender to relieve anxiety and stress. As with everything you put into your body, it depends on you and your needs as to what would best help you on your healing path.

Breathe and Raise the Heart Rate

Get out into nature if possible and take in some fresh air. Many people prefer to do sport in the morning but if this does not suit, then get outdoors when you can. According to the Chinese clock, mid-morning, between 11 and 1pm, is actually the perfect time to do sport as this is the point of highest energy for the heart. Obviously this would not be suitable in high summer temperatures, however I must admit this is when I personally feel at my strongest. 

When I go for long runs at midday, in high summer temperatures, many people tell me I’m crazy, but for me it is more a question of psychological fitness than it is of aerobic endurance. Endurance sports is a reliance on mastering your mindset. You can do this by distraction, concentrating on a holiday past or present to forget the aches in your legs, or mindfulness, concentrating on exactly what you are doing, each muscle, each movement.

Clean Sleeping

We spend so many hours in bed, and therefore I believe it should be treated as a sanctuary. The sanctuary should be clear of clutter. Following the rules of Feng Shui, to balance the energies in the bedroom, you should ensure you have a solid bed head, good height with clear flow under your mattress, be as far from the door as possible and have a good supporting wall behind the bed.

Next to your bed you should have a grounding and balanced energy on both sides, like a night stand on each side. I know many people who have electronic equipment in their sanctuary. Electronics create bad energy. A television for example prevents intimate connection with your partner, it acts as a mirror, reflecting energy back on you and is Yang in nature when the bedroom should be Yin. The bedroom is a place of rest, so keep it simple. 

These are simple tips and tricks you can follow in your daily life in order to maintain balance with mental and physical clarity and endurance.

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