Dolores Baretta | Testimonial Video
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Testimonial Video

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Hi my name is Lea, I’m 23 years old and am a student. Before I started working with Dolores as I had really bad concentration issues, I had really bad skin issues, my digestion was acting up a lot so I went into treatment with Dolores, I went for acupuncture once a week and she gave me supplements and Chinese herbs including Core which is a multi-vitamin, multi-nourishing supplement which helped balance out my brain and gut balance.


Before I thought I was only lactose intolerant and couldn’t eat a bunch of things but through the supplements she gave me I was really able to hone in on my focus and the variety of foods that I was able to eat became much larger. I think it definitely benefited me and I would recommend it to anyone that’s willing to give herbal medicine a shot.”
Lea M

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