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I use the Core for my patients to give extra support. Together with my acupuncture treatments and any necessary lifestyle changes I have developed the body brain balance program.
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Supplements Are At The Core

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There is a lot of skepticism among people when it comes to taking supplements. For decades doctors believed if you maintain a healthy diet, you do not need to take supplements. A new branch of treatment started to emerge in the early 90’s which called itself functional medicine. Functional medicine is a medicine derived from eastern medicine principles where the treatment is designed around the root cause of the disease. In functional medicine this could be from deficiencies in macro and micro nutrients, genetic makeup or lifestyle issues. Finally doctors realized that treating the symptoms lacked the proper methodology to prevent and treat complex diseases. Doctors finally had new tools that they could use, and this came in the form of nutritional supplements.
I have discovered over the years that deficiencies are often a major problem in treating all types of both physical but also mental problems. Unfortunately, after testing, I realized that when someone has a variety of deficiencies, they were stuck with having to consume so many different supplements. Many patients of course didn’t take them as there were simply too many to take. I then discovered MicroNourish Core. This product I started using about 10 years ago, firstly for myself, using myself as a guinea pig, then to my patients. I was astounded at the results. My long days of work had been making me very tired and unable to focus, suddenly I felt an inner strength and a new skip to my step. The best thing is it wasn’t just me that had had these symptoms. Patients were returning with similar experiences. They could concentrate better, had an improved digestive function, felt calmer and had a general enhanced feeling of well-being. I had to dig deeper.
I realized that there was a growing body of research that indicated that micronutrients were essential to maintaining mood stability and focus, and that healthy brain-gut balance was pivotal to maintaining mental wellness and a balanced relationship with food. It was also widely recognized that digestive health was key to optimizing nutrient absorption. This was why my patients were responding so well the MicroNourish System as it addressed micronutrient absorption, the brain-gut connection, and digestion, together.
The flagship brain-gut balance formula, Core Micronutrients, is a blend of 36 powerful nutrients, including macro- and micro-minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and plants nutrients; it also provides a good source of the antioxidants vitamins C, E, and A. As MicroNourish promotes, You Are What You Absorb®, it therefore stands to reason that this blend of nutrients is absorbed and assimilated by both the brain and the body. I also uses the supporting formulas, Digestive Plant Enzymes and Superfood Probiotics and Prebiotics, to further aid healthy digestion and brain-gut balance by increasing healthy gut flora, maximizing nutrient absorption, and helping minimize occasional digestive discomfort.
The proof is in the pudding. Thanks to these products I have been able to use the MicroNourish System to support the treatment I give to my patients in my acupuncture clinic. These products give my patients extra support on a daily basis. Together with my acupuncture treatments and any necessary lifestyle changes I have developed the body brain balance program.

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