Dolores Baretta | Body Brain Balance Personalized Program
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Body Brain Balance Personalized Program



I have developed the Personalized Body Brain Balance Program to help you make the changes you are looking for, whether they be small, such as losing a few pounds, or changes that help you to overcome IBS, obesity or anorexia, depression or an inability to concentrate. The program is designed especially for your body type and lifestyle. I will suggest which supplements that I think would be beneficial for you, as well as recommending an exercise regime that you can maintain. When all these components come together you will be able to reconnect your body and brain, giving you physical and mental focus with direction.

When you eat and drink, you feed your physical body and spiritual mind.  This is why choosing foods that activate and energize are so important. When you breathe, you bring in energy, making it important to take in clean air, deep into your lungs, doing so mindfully. This is where exercise plays a very important role. No list or exercise regime will work for everyone. I look at the individual and analyze the body type, taking into account the age of the patient and their physical ability.  This is very important as certain age groups tend to have similar issues, diseases and/or body dysfunctions just as life style, environment and mental state also have to be factored in. Once I have created a diagnostic picture I can then create a nutritious plan tailor made just for you.

  • In-depth Information on Gut-Brain Balance
  • Understanding Chinese Nutrition and the 5 Elements
  • How to treat a variety and Men’s and Women’s Health issues
  • Questionnaire to help you understand your body type
  • Explanation of Supplements and Tests
  • Differential Diagnosis Form to fill out
  • 50 min discussions to help you get your feet on the ground
  • Will then receive a document with food proportions
  • Foods to eat and avoid
  • Guide on how to Menu Plan
  • Document with a list of foods and their nature
  • Document you can work with as your food diary


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