Dolores Baretta | Body Brain Balance Basic Guide
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Body Brain Balance Basic Guide


The BBB Basic Program explains the theories behind Chinese nutritional medicine, how foods are chosen according to the 5 elements and the 5 emotions and cooking styles appropriate for the seasons. You will be able to judge your body type and diagnose any problems you have according to a specific diagnostic guideline. You will be able to assess if you need any supplements or testing done. You will also have 4 examples of menu plans that are created according to sex, body type and age. This is your journey to finding balance between the body and brain.

  • In-depth Information on Gut-Brain Balance
  • Understanding Chinese Nutrition and the 5 Elements
  • How to treat a variety of Men’s and Women’s Health Issues
  • Questionnaire to help you understand your body type
  • Explanation of Supplements and Tests
  • Document with a list of foods and their nature
  • Document you can work with as your food diary


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