Dolores Baretta | Porcini Ravioli and Black Truffel: Wild Delicacies from the Forest
This recipe has simple flavors so as not to overpower the mushrooms! made with porcini ravioli, and black truffle, onion and tomatoes.
olive oil, tomatoes, black truffle, porcini, simple, ravioli
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Porcini Ravioli and Black Truffle: Wild Delicacies from the Forest

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You have to keep this recipe simple with the flavors so as not to overpower the mushrooms!

Olive Oil
Baby Tomatoes
Black Truffle
250 g Ravioli Pasta dough
100 g Porcini Fresh
2 Onion


Cook 1 diced onion with a little olive oil, until browned. Add the porcini mushroom, some salt and pepper, and cook the liquid off, until liquid has disappeared. Allow to cool. Blend to a paste. Use this as filling for your pasta dough to make the ravioli.
In a fry pan cook the other diced onion, once golden brown add some quartered tomoatoes. Cook for a 4 minutes while you are cooking the ravioli.
Serve warm with grated truffle over the top.

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