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Our Team

"I started my weekly acupuncture sessions with Dolores in November 2016, being a bit anxious at the start as I did not have any acupuncture experiences at that time. That all faded away quickly as Dolores her open personality makes you feel very comfortable, she explains what she will do and what you can expect for the first time. I work in an office, often in a stressful environment and I tend to put my stress straight to my shoulder and back area which end up very hard, Through acupuncture all blocked energy is being released or is re-activated and I feel wonderful afterwards! Besides the acupuncture Dolores will also check what your eating pattern is and will inform you which products are best to be avoided and what kind of effects these products or ingredients have on you/the body. Dolores will leave it up to you to follow her instructions. I have changed my eating habits and to get my body back on track I am taking enzymes and probiotics for my stomach to restore the good bacteria. I do notice the difference very well before and after taking the tablets."

Cindy D.

"I met Dolores about 2 years ago, when my daughter was having digestive problems. I then decided to make an appointment to see her after a bladder infection that forced me to take antibiotics. Afterward I continued to have problems...."

Laura M

"Spent 6 months going to Dolores, took her supplements, feel on top of the world!"

Never felt better

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