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You should be eating foods that are apporpriate to your age, lifestyle and metabolism. The older we are the slower our metabolism and our will also lifestyle dictate what nutrients are essential.
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Eating for Your Age

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Why Age Matters


Children start to create bad habits in their youth by either copying from their parents or by learning it from their friends. A child’s metabolism is at this time quite active and therefore children should be out playing or doing sport in order to use up this excess energy that they have. These days with the ever increasing access to the internet and gaming, children are playing less and less outdoors. Due to these very simulative games their adrenalin is constantly on the alert, in fight or flight mode but the body is simply not moving and running to help breakdown these stress hormones.


Many teens or early 20’s have bad eating habits. This could be because they are on a budget or studying away from home or just starting out in their career. Even if money is in abundance I see Teens/Twenties often eating terribly. Diets tend toward fast food and pre-prepared foods as little time is given to food preparation and a lot to socializing or studying.


Adults in their late 20’s to 30’s have finished studying and started in their career of choice. They have started earning money but are now completely independent and with this comes all the stresses of creating their own lifestyle and making ends meet. They work, socialize, they may also have families all the while perhaps even trying to do sport and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


The 40’s and 50’s age groups are a new style of 40’s/50’s compared to those of the last generation. This group still has similar problems to those of the 35’s however the body is starting to slow down. Todays 40/50’s are still working as hard as they did in their 30’s, still creating families and still focused on their career. So with all of these factors, along with an ageing body you can imagine that today’s 40’s+ are super stressed, tired, often eating irregular or at their desk. The body starts to hurt and illnesses of age start to pop up.


With retirement insight in our 60’s we know what we want and what we don’t want. We tend to focus less on the career and more on ourselves and having time for friends and family. Some are still doing some sport, while others who have not concerned themselves with weight have gained a few too many pounds and can’t seem to shake them. Illnesses such as high blood pressure, joint problems and blood sugar start to be common problems.


Most 70’s plus adults take some sort of medication. While food portions should be small as the metabolism and movement is largely reduced, most in fact take this time to enjoy food and wine and take in far too many calories for the amount of exercise they do.


Eating according to your age is essential to maintaining body and brain balance.


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