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Eating for Your Age

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Nori Wrapped Salmon with Pumpkin and Sesame Seed

[video width="960" height="540" mp4=""][/video]   This is such a simple but at the same time delicious dish, jam packed with B12, iron and CoQ10. After a long day at work I can still come home and prepare this dish in about 30 minutes.   2 X 150 g Wild...

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13 December
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The Importance Trace Elements and Antioxidants Play in Fertility

 In my introduction to the importance of micronutrients and lifestyle as factors that lead to infertility, I hand-picked some vital nutrients and life changes you can make to help you on this arduous journey. As I described, many factors need to coincide simultaneously to...

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07 December
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Porcini Ravioli and Black Truffle: Wild Delicacies from the Forest

You have to keep this recipe simple with the flavors so as not to overpower the mushrooms!Olive Oil Baby Tomatoes Black Truffle 250 g Ravioli Pasta dough 100 g Porcini Fresh 2 Onion Method: Cook 1 diced onion with a little olive oil, until browned. Add the porcini mushroom, some salt and...

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18 October
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9 Herbs I Suggest to Patients to Help Cleanse the Liver and Clear the Mind

In Chinese Medicine the liver is responsible for the free-flow of energy and blood throughout the body. When this energy is stuck, so too are the emotions and you become frustrated, angry and/or irritated. The liver is most affected by excess stress and emotions. In...

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24 August