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Eating for Your Age

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A Chinese Medicine Perspective On Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Approximately 10% of all child-bearing women suffer from PCOS, making it one of the most common hormonal endocrine diseases. The disease cannot be cured but it can be treated by managing hormones and insulin resistance. Methods of treatment available include hormonal treatments or alternative methods...

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25 February
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Naturally Relieve Symptoms of Menopause

As a woman ages her hormones become depleted and for some women these hormones wreak havoc on her physically, mentally and emotionally. It is amazing how much of an influence they play on a daily basis. On average menopause starts at around 51 although it...

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25 September
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How Deficiencies in Trace Elements Can Cause Psychological Imbalances

The Gut-Brain Connection   Malnourishment in 1st world countries seems paradoxical. It is however a major problem rooted in high yielding, GMO foods that lack the nutrients and trace elements the original crop provided. While many believe they eat healthy, eating fast food for our fast...

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30 January
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Nori Wrapped Salmon with Pumpkin and Sesame Seed

[video width="960" height="540" mp4=""][/video]   This is such a simple but at the same time delicious dish, jam packed with B12, iron and CoQ10. After a long day at work I can still come home and prepare this dish in about 30 minutes.   2 X 150 g Wild...

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13 December
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The Importance Trace Elements and Antioxidants Play in Fertility

 In my introduction to the importance of micronutrients and lifestyle as factors that lead to infertility, I hand-picked some vital nutrients and life changes you can make to help you on this arduous journey. As I described, many factors need to coincide simultaneously to...

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07 December
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Porcini Ravioli and Black Truffle: Wild Delicacies from the Forest

You have to keep this recipe simple with the flavors so as not to overpower the mushrooms!Olive Oil Baby Tomatoes Black Truffle 250 g Ravioli Pasta dough 100 g Porcini Fresh 2 Onion Method: Cook 1 diced onion with a little olive oil, until browned. Add the porcini mushroom, some salt and...

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18 October