Dolores Baretta | The Body Brain Balance Program
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The Body Brain Balance Program

The Body Brain Balance Program

I have developed the BBB Program as I want to help my patients to regain balance. I started working on this program, not as a diet but as a way to help my patients understand what eating healthy means as well as encouraging them to really feel their body and how wonderful it is when everything is working synergistically.

Not all my patients come because of digestive problems. Some come because of stress, inability to sleep well, inability to focus and/or because they simply feel tired all the time. These symptoms are never in isolation, and it is important to remember that if one of the links in the chain are disrupted, then this will have a domino effect on other chain reactions in the body.

I always look at the body as a whole. Age, sex, body type and lifestyle all have to be taken into account to create a menu plan that fits you. The Body Brain Balance Program is a program aimed at creating an equilibrium between all parts of the body, in particular the second brain, our gut, and the cerebrum, our ‘first’ brain.

The Basic Program is designed to give you an understanding of Chinese nutrition, Yin and Yang and how to assess your body type as well as the type of foods that would better suit you and your lifestyle. I also offer a Personalized Program which gives you the chance to speak one on one with me so that I can guide you in the type of exercise that would suit you and help you tailor make weekly menu plan.


The Basic Program

I have incorporated Chinese nutritional principles into this BBB Basic Program to give you a start on your journey to healthy living.  The program explains the theories behind Chinese nutritional medicine, how foods are chosen according to the 5 elements and what affect food has on our internal organs. You will be able to judge your body type and diagnose any problems you have according to particular diagnostic principles. Furthermore, there is information on supplements and on specific tests to rule out intolerance’s or any other gut imbalances. This is your journey to finding balance between your body and brain.


Personalized Program

I have developed the Brain-Body Balance Program to help you make changes in your life. These changes may be small, such as losing a few pounds, or changes that help you to overcome IBS, obesity or anorexia, depression or an inability to concentrate. The program is designed especially for your body type and lifestyle. I will help you find those nutritional foods that work for you, suggesting treatments that you may need as well as ideas for ‘exercise’ that will help you regain focus.

What I have realized over the years is that no diet or exercise regime works for everyone.  When I look at you I will analyze the type of food your body type requires, taking into account your age and any illnesses you may have. This is very important as when taking a disease and/or body dysfunction into account, the patients age and needs must also be considered. For example a child does not have the same needs as a 50 year old. Someone who has ADHD has different needs to someone with menopause.

I create a nutritious plan tailor made for you. When all these components come together you will be able to reconnect your body and brain, giving you physical and mental focus with direction.